Edriel James Villegas                  Once upon a time, there was a boy who was very shy and often teased and bullied… then, one day, his parents decided that “enough with these situations – this little boy needed his confidence back!”          

     He joined White Wolf Martial Arts (WWMA). And this boy is growing with his confidence intact and is now a very happy child.

     Edriel (known as EJ to his friends) has competed in many Martial Arts tournaments; together with his teammates they have achieved wonderful success. EJ was given a Student of the Year 2007 award in WWMA club.

     All WWMA students have been great contenders; EJ is blessed to be part of the team. To name a few, WWMA students have competed at:

     Interclub Tournaments Friendship Cup Martial Tournaments                                                     International Martial Arts Tournament (IMAT) for National Championship                                                                           International Martial Arts Tournament (IMAT) Country Vs Sydney 2008 Western District Martial Arts Regional Championship 2007        Budo Ryu Martial Arts Tournaments 2008 NSW Open Shin-Kyokushin Karate Championships 

   EJ is continually growing, trying to achieve the best he could. He learns how to say “NO” and “STOP” to bullies. He has learnt, most importantly, self-respect. He has even discovered that the training he is enjoying now gives a lifetime benefit to his health. He also meets friends with the same goals and he aims to continue to be someone who can stand up proudly and enjoy being himself.

     EJ lives in Green Valley with his parents, Ariel & Edelina, his younger sister, Janes who is also attending the beginners class at White Wolf Martial Arts and his dog, Rocky. EJ is now ten years old and enjoys his martial arts training. He also loves music, camping and spending time with his family and friends.


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